The Party committee of the group company held a meeting
2023-10-16 22:18:00

  Recently, Wen Yong, member of the Party committee of the Group company, deputy general manager, chairman of the trade union and secretary of the Party committee of the organ chaired a meeting of the Party committee of the organ。
  会议集中学习了习近平总书记在全国宣传思想文化工作会议上的重要批示精神,The Constitution of the Communist Party of China and the Regulations on the Work of Grassroots Organizations of the Communist Party of China and State Organs,Conveyed the spirit of Secretary Wang Junzheng's speech at the Standing Committee (expanded) meeting of the District Party Committee and the recent work deployment of the Party Committee of the Group company,Several typical cases of violations of discipline and law by discipline inspection and supervision cadres were notified。
(Photo by Dawa by Wen Yong)
  Wen Yong stressed,As a political organ under the leadership of the Party Committee of the group company, the Party committee has stronger political attributes and greater political responsibility, and must take a good lead in strengthening the construction of political organs, and set an example and establish benchmarks in the "first phalanx"。First, we must earnestly grasp the theoretical study, adhere to the original study, read the original, learn the original, understand the principle, and effectively build the foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of spirit, and steady the rudder of thought。The second is to take the initiative to move forward, to the standard, to the table, to carefully compare the group Party committee at the beginning of the year on the organization's party building work arrangements, and to do a good job of "looking back" and summarizing the key work in the early stage to ensure the successful completion of the work。Third, we must strictly abide by Party discipline and state laws, always put discipline and rules in front, thoroughly implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, practice the provisions of honesty and self-discipline, adhere to clean work, clean life, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of the group company。
(Photo by Dawa at the meeting)
  The meeting also studied matters such as the development of party members and the adjustment of party branches of organs。
  Members of the Party Committee of the group company and members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection attended the meeting。
Manuscript: New Year's Day Wangjiu/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Check: Liu Qingsong/Review: Tang Yonghui
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