Guoduo Hydropower Company and Changdu Municipal Water Resources Bureau, Karuo District Water Resources Bureau, Chaiwei Township Party Committee and government to carry out party building exchange activities
2023-09-22 16:15:00

  Recently, Xizang Kaitou Guoduo Hydropower Co., Ltd. and Qamdo City Water Conservancy Bureau, Karo District Water Conservancy Bureau, Chaiwei Township Party Committee government jointly carried out the theme of "Party building leads to promote development, work together to build water conservancy" Party building exchange activities。
  The Water Resources Bureau of Changdu City, the Water Resources Bureau of Karuo District, and the Party Committee and government of Chaiwei Township successively visited and studied the central control room, workshop and dam of Guoduo Hydropower Company camp。The person in charge of the site of Guoduo Hydropower Company expressed gratitude to the Water Resources Bureau of Changdu City, the Water Resources Bureau of Karo District and the Party Committee government of Chaiwei Township for their concern and help,The basic situation, construction process and production and operation of Guoduo Hydropower Company are introduced in detail,The questions raised by the visitors were answered in detail。
(Photo by Liu Shihua visiting the camp)

(Photo by Liu Shihua visiting the Central control Room)
  After the site visit, all the staff held a work discussion meeting in the conference room of Xizang Kaitou Guoduo Hydropower Company。At the meeting, the leaders of the grass-roots party organizations respectively introduced their basic situation, party building work and the development of the work of creating a model unit of national unity and progress and the characteristic experience,And "Party building leads to promote development.,Discuss and share ideas on the theme of "Working together to Build Water Conservancy",All participants spoke and answered questions actively,The atmosphere of the symposium was warm and harmonious。All parties hope to actively promote the deep integration of party building and business work with grassroots party organizations as the carrier, optimize the business environment, and promote high-quality enterprise development。
(Photo by Liu Shihua visiting the factory)
  With Party building as a link, the event built a "government + enterprise" connectivity platform, paving a "highway" for the deep integration of party building and business.。In the next step, Tibet Kaitou Guoduo Hydropower Company will strengthen communication and exchanges with Qamdo Municipal Water Resources Bureau, Karo District Water Resources Bureau and Chaiwei Township Party Committee government, jointly create a new situation of party building leadership, business linkage and simultaneous progress, and contribute to the construction of a beautiful and happy Tibet and the realization of the great rejuvenation dream。

(Photo by Liu Shihua at the Symposium)

(Photo by Liu Shihua)

Manuscript: Liu Shihua/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Check: Lu You/Review: Tang Yonghui

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