The discipline inspection commission of the organ of the group company convened the head office and the following party members and cadres
Employee collective clean government talk meeting
2023-09-25 20:11:01
  In order to educate and guide young cadres to hold the bottom line of discipline, strengthen the warning education and deterrent effect, promote inspection and rectification, and implement the special rectification of "promoting reform by case", on September 22, the discipline Commission of the Group's organs held a collective clean government talk with the head of the headquarters and the following party members and cadres。The meeting is presided over by the discipline inspection Commission of the group organ, and the head of the group organ and the following party members and staff participate in the meeting。

(Photo by Dawa at the meeting)


     Conference notes,Talk about clean government to young cadres and key groups in the system,It is the work deployment of the group Party committee,It is also the current need to carry out inspection and rectification and "promote reform by case" work,It uses the "four forms",In particular, concrete measures to increase the use of the "first form",The purpose is to bite the ears and pull the sleeves, red face and sweat,Warning to educate young comrades to tie up the integrity of employment buckle,Take every step of life well。


  The meeting stressed that Kaidou Group is the common home of everyone, and the young cadres and employees of the organs should resolutely build a sense of community of destiny, improve political position, tree awareness of the overall situation, know awe, fear, clear the bottom line, and observe discipline。It is necessary to deeply learn the lessons of typical cases of violations of discipline and law, promote vigilance with warning, promote consciousness with education, put a good idea on the "general switch", correct the "steering wheel" of action, and walk in front of the "first phalanx" of good organs and set an example。


  Conference emphasis,Comprehensively and strictly governing the Party is always on the way,The Party's self-revolution is always on the way,Set an example of loyalty to the party,An example of strong faith,An example of responsibility,An example of strict discipline,An example of honesty and self-discipline,Protect the example of home,Contribute wisdom and strength to promote the "three-step" high-quality development of the Group company。
Manuscript: New Year's Day Wangjiu/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Check: Liu Qingsong/Review: Tang Yonghui
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