Xizang Kaitou Quzika Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. organized fire safety warning education activities
2023-10-22 18:01:00
   On October 22, Quzika Hydropower Company organized cadres and employees to study the "Fire Safety Commission Office of Tibet Autonomous Region on the Lhasa City Chengguan District Elantra Logistics Park".15 "Warehouse fire Accident Notification" spirit, watch fire warning education videos, explain the use of common fire extinguishers, and organize personnel to carry out electric shock emergency drills。

(Report the accident situation and watch the fire case warning video)

(Explain the use of fire extinguishers)
  Entering the winter, the air is dry, is a high incidence of fire, through this concentrated learning and emergency drills, further strengthen the fire safety awareness of cadres and workers。In the next step, Quzika Hydropower Company will continue to strengthen fire safety publicity, carry out safety inspections, implement the main responsibility of fire safety, urge cadres and workers to strengthen the necessary skills to ensure that the fire is eliminated in the bud and the open fire is controlled in the initial stage。

Manuscript: Tang Shengpeng Editor: Dawa/Core: Shao Xianliang/Review: Tang Yonghui
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