Guoduo hydropower Company held a meeting of all cadres and staff and a mobilization meeting of all staff members
2023-10-17 16:14:50
  In order to stimulate the compensation performance "positive incentive, reverse warning" function,Create a healthy competitive environment,Continuously enhance the competitive consciousness of employees,Arouse the enthusiasm of work,To achieve the ability, want to do, can do, do the work of the staff to the right position,10月13日,Xizang Kaitou Guoduo Hydropower Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Guoduo Hydropower Co., LTD.) organized the meeting of all cadres and staff and the mobilization meeting of all staff members。The holding of this meeting marked the official start of the recruitment of all staff of Guoduo Hydropower Company and entered the substantive operation stage。
(Photo by Wang Mu at the meeting)
  会上,雷咏鑫同志宣读了《永利体育官方app》,卢友同志宣读了《关于印发<西藏开投果多水电有限公司全员组聘上岗工作方案>的通知》,并对相关工作进行讲解说明。Subsequently, Comrade Song Yadong made a mobilization speech and arranged and deployed the relevant work of the whole staff group。


  Song Yadong pointed out,To carry out the work of all staff group recruitment is to improve the company's competitive incentive mechanism,Deepening the reform of personnel system is an inevitable requirement,The working schedule of the whole staff is tight,High quality requirements, wide range,We need to attach great importance to it and take it seriously,First, we should unify our thinking and improve our standing position,Fully understand the importance of the work of the whole team;Second, we must adhere to principles and exercise strict discipline,Standardize and orderly promote the work of all staff members;Third, clear procedures and strict steps should be taken,Successful completion of all staff group recruitment task objectives。At the same time, those who want to participate in the group recruitment should change their ideas and dare to compete;To face up to themselves, choose a good position;We should look at it rationally and make adequate preparations.It is necessary to do a good job of handover, smooth and excessive, continue to perform their respective duties, and ensure that the company's work is continuous, the performance of responsibilities is not chaotic, and the staff is harmonious and stable。


  All cadres and staff of Guoduo Hydropower Company attended the meeting。

Manuscript: He Ping/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Check: Song Yadong/Review: Tang Yonghui

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