Jinshang Changdu Gongjue Latuo Phase 1 700MW photovoltaic power generation project first and basic quality supervision meeting
2023-10-17 15:50:58
  From October 14 to 15, the expert group of the National renewable energy power generation project quality supervision Station went to Jinshang Changdu Gongjelatuo Phase 1 700MW photovoltaic power generation project to carry out quality supervision and inspection work。


  This quality inspection is the first and basic quality supervision and inspection of the project, which is crucial to the subsequent promotion of the project and smooth power generation, and the project department attaches great importance to it。On the afternoon of the 14th, the expert group carefully inspected the material processing plant and the physical structure of the foundation construction at the construction site。The quality supervision meeting was held at 9:40 am on the 15th, and the project department reported the project progress, project quality and acceptance assessment。After the completion of the comprehensive inspection of engineering data, the expert group gave full recognition and put forward relevant opinions on the physical quality of the site and engineering data, and put forward suggestions on the next stage of quality management work。
(Photo by Zhang Jiutao)
  At the end of the meeting, the construction unit expressed its gratitude to the expert group, and asked all the personnel of the participating units to humbly accept the opinions of the expert group, draw a conclusion from one example to another, strengthen self-inspection and acceptance, complete the elimination and rectification work on schedule and with high quality, and all units actively complete the rectification report。
(Photo by Zhang Jiutao)
  This quality supervision and inspection has laid a solid foundation for high-quality follow-up work。next,The project department will continue to do a good job in the dynamic management of planning and execution,Ensure that the overall direction of the project is not deviated,Provide guidance on potential project control weaknesses or considerations,Eliminate hidden dangers in time;Through fine management, reasonable layout, real-time maneuvering to adjust the construction plan,In order to achieve the node goal of grid connected power generation on time and with high quality, we are forging ahead。

Manuscript: Zhang Jiutao/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Check: Yang Yuan/Review: Tang Yonghui

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