Guoduo Hydropower Company held the third quarter of 2023 safety committee and "flood control" summary meeting
2023-10-10 11:34:52

  In order to comprehensively summarize the experience and shortcomings of flood control work, on October 8, Guoduo Hydropower Company held the third quarter Safety Committee and "flood control" summary meeting。
(Photo by Yang Yanxing)
  At the meeting, the Safety Department of Guoduo Hydropower Company summarized and reported the pre-flood preparation, special funds, flood season inspection, emergency response, response measures, experience summary, existing problems and rectification measures of 2023 flood prevention and control work。The members of the safety committee said that under the unified leadership of the flood control and flood control leading group, all departments "heard" the flood, shoulded the responsibility on the shoulder, strengthened emergency duty and inspection, and made certain achievements in flood control and flood control work;However, the management of flood control materials and emergency measures in extreme weather still need to be further improved。


  Guoduo hydropower company general manager Song Yadong stressed,The current flood season has not completely ended,The situation of the autumn flood is still grim and complicated,The more last-minute,The more we must tighten the safety of production,We will continue to maintain the focus of flood control and overcome difficulties,With the sense of responsibility of "always at ease",Carefully finish the work of safety production at the end of the season,Resolutely do "flood season but,Our thoughts will not be relaxed, measures will not be reduced, and personnel will not be withdrawn.",Strive to win the overall victory of flood control and flood control this year。

Manuscript: Mingxin Liu/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Liping Xie/Check: Yadong Song/Review: Yonghui Tang

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