Guoduo hydropower Company held the "happy celebration of National Day" employees fun games
2023-10-07 12:30:00
  In order to enhance the cohesion and teamwork spirit of the company's staff, further improve the physical quality of the staff and enrich the leisure cultural life of the staff。On October 4, Guoduo Hydropower Company held a "happy National Day" fun sports meeting for employees。

(Photo by Liu Shihua at the event)
  The games set up tug-of-war competition, multi-person jump rope, gas volleyball, badminton and other seven events。In the process of the game, each athlete is fighting for their own team, they cooperate with the tacit understanding, give full play to the spirit of unity and cooperation in the activity, with the attitude of endeavour, the race out of friendship, the race out of the spirit, the race out of the results, the harvest of joy。

(Photo by Liu Shihua at the event)
  Condensing heart cast soul with the party, unity forge a new journey。The holding of the sports meeting,It fully shows the spirit of the employees of Guoduo Hydropower Company, which is active and enterprising, and the fine style of solidarity and cooperation and tenacious struggle,It not only exercises the body, but also promotes communication,It has enriched the spiritual and cultural life of employees,Encourage everyone to "unity and cooperation, and strive for the first" sportsmanship into the passion and motivation of doing business,Contribute to the development of the company。

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