The group company held the second phase of the system promotion meeting
2023-08-29 17:05:56

  On August 24, the Group company organized the second phase of the system promotion and implementation meeting, which was presided over by Yang Shubin, head of the enterprise management and legal Affairs Department, and various departments and units of the Group company participated in the meeting。


  This meeting from the financial management, fund budget management, daily expenditure management, fixed assets management and the management of the staff congress and other five aspects of propaganda, and the main points and difficulties of the detailed interpretation。
(Photo by Dawa at the meeting)
  Through this promotion,The majority of cadres and employees have a deeper understanding of the relevant financial knowledge and the knowledge of the staff congress that they are concerned about,Further standardize the behavior of financial personnel,We gave full play to the role of workers' congresses,It strengthens the consciousness of standards and rules in the management process,Effectively promote the implementation of various systems in the work。

Manuscript: Zhang Nanqi/Editor: Tsering Gaji/Proofread: Chen Ziju/Proofread: Yang Shubin/Review: Tang Yonghui

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