The trade union committee of the group company held a symposium of employees' representatives
2023-08-09 23:50:00
  To pay attention to the ideological dynamics of workers,Listen to employees,Promote communication,Promote the special rectification work of the group company to "promote reform by case" to do in-depth work and detailed work,8月7日,The trade union committee of the group company organized a symposium of employees' representatives,The meeting was chaired by Wen Yong, member of the Party Committee of the Group company, deputy general manager, chairman of the trade union and secretary of the Party Committee of the organ。
(Photo by Dawa at the meeting)
  At the meeting, the various departments of the Group company gave feedback one by one to all the staff representatives on the handling of the proposals of the second session of the staff Congress, and the staff representatives put forward pertinent suggestions, and everyone spoke freely and exchanged in-depth exchanges, effectively achieving the purpose of offering suggestions and enhancing understanding。
(Tencent Venue)
  Finally, Wen Yong affirmed the effect of the symposium and put forward requirements for the next step。First, we need to improve our ideological understanding。It is necessary to effectively enhance political awareness and improve political standing, take the inspection and rectification work as the biggest political task to grasp the reality, deeply understand that the rectification work is the "second half of the article" of the inspection work, and ensure that the inspection and rectification work is completed on time and with high quality。Second, we will intensify our work。It is necessary to adhere to the problem-oriented, strengthen work measures, fully implement rectification tasks with higher standards and stricter requirements, actively promote the rectification progress, and achieve timely completion and timely cancellation。The third is to implement the rectification responsibility。It is necessary to shoulder the main responsibility for the rectification and implementation, improve the list of responsibilities, clarify the division of responsibilities, strengthen the coordination and interaction between the upper and lower levels, give full play to the role of the leading departments, and firmly promote the rectification with a strong sense of responsibility and sense of responsibility。Fourth, the feedback channel is smooth again。It is necessary to further smooth the channels for expressing demands, guide employees to reflect problems step by step, correctly express demands, protect their rights according to laws and regulations, and make maximum efforts to solve the problems of employees' emergencies and worries。
Manuscript: Li Junjun/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Chen Ziju/Proofread: Yang Shubin/Review: Zhang Deli

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