Xizang Kaitou Group and Gezhouba southwest branch talk
2023-09-22 16:12:00

  On September 21, Chen Yangang, member of the Party Committee, director and chief accountant of Xizang Kaitou Group, met with Ke Peng, deputy general manager of Southwest Branch of China Gezhouba and his delegation in Lhasa. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on deepening and expanding multi-field and all-round pragmatic cooperation。Deng Qiang, deputy general manager of the Group company, attended the symposium。
(Photo by Dawa/Chen Yangang Speaking)
  Chen Yangang welcomed Ke Peng's visit。He said,Xizang C&D Group Company and Gezhouba Group are both enterprises that have grown up relying on energy development. The two sides have profound historical origins, close exchanges and contacts and broad prospects for cooperation。At present, Xizang Kaiinvestment Group actively implements the national "double carbon" strategic goal, cultivates and plans a number of green and low-carbon industry projects, and shares the same goal and vision with Gezhouba Southwest Branch in promoting the green and high-quality development of the new energy industry。It is hoped that the two sides will further deepen exchanges and communication, give full play to their respective resource advantages, actively explore the entry point and focus of cooperation, and jointly seek a new situation of high-quality development。
(Photo by Ke Peng Speaking and Dawa)
  Ke Peng expressed his gratitude to Xizang Kaiinvestment Group for its trust and support, and introduced the strategic layout of China Gezhouba Southwest Branch。He said,The Tibet Autonomous Region has obvious advantages in resources,New energy and new infrastructure have broad prospects,Full of opportunities,We hope to cooperate with Xizang Kaiinvestment Group to promote the in-depth cultivation of investment market and traditional market,Continue to strengthen the market development of new energy, photovoltaic power stations, environmental protection and other aspects,Innovate cooperation models,Achieve mutually beneficial and win-win development。
(Photo by Dawa at the forum)
  Heads of departments and relevant units of the two sides attended the discussion。

Manuscript: Huang Yao/Editor: Dawa/Proofread: Xie Liping/Review: Tang Yonghui

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