Consulting industry
Introduction to Tibet Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Co., LTD


 ​  "Tibet Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Company" was officially established on September 27, 2003 with the approval of the regional Office and the former Regional Administration of Public Works (establishment of public institutions), and officially launched on November 18 of the same year。In May 2004, the Autonomous Region engineering consulting company was adjusted to the autonomous Region construction Project Evaluation Center (Autonomous Region Engineering consulting company), two brands and a set of people。2011年1月,In accordance with the spirit of the document of the Institutional Establishment Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, "Reply to the Institutional Establishment of the Public Institutions under the Development and Reform Commission of the Tibet Autonomous Region" (Tibetan Machinery compilation [2011]6),The Autonomous Region construction project Evaluation Center (autonomous region Engineering Consulting Company) is adjusted to the autonomous Region Construction Project Evaluation Center (Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Center).,Refer to public institutions managed by civil servants,Funding is from full appropriations,Two lines of revenue and expenditure。The financial system is actually independent accounting, self-income and self-expenditure。


 ​ In order to meet the needs of the reform and development of fixed assets investment and engineering consulting industry in our district,2014年,The Party group of the Development and Reform Commission of the autonomous region studied and decided,The assets of the Tibet Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Company will be transferred to Tibet Development and Investment Group Co., LTD,Established a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xizang Development and Investment Group Co., LTD,Company name changed to "Tibet Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Co., LTD.",The nature of the enterprise is state-owned,The financial system is independent accounting,Pay for yourself,Pay taxes according to regulations。
According to the development plan of the Group company, in addition to engineering consulting, the company further expanded the scope of consulting, including bidding agency, project supervision, cost consulting (audit), etc。At present, the company has set up a supervision company and a bidding company through equity acquisition and other means, to build a harmonious team with enterprising spirit and cohesion, adhering to the customer first, to provide more and better services for our customers, and to create a fast, streamlined, efficient and high-quality service team。


Tibet Autonomous Region Engineering Consulting Co., LTD


Business development


 ​ Since its establishment, the company has given full play to the role of engineering consulting, done a good job of consulting and demonstration of fixed assets investment projects, and provided professional consulting services for relevant departments to make investment decisions。Continuously strengthen the technical and business cooperation with other domestic consulting units, improve the engineering consulting business capability of our district, make full use of the professional advantages and rich experience of experts, and promote the scientific decision-making and efficient implementation of engineering consulting projects。In the process of project review, we follow the principle of "science and justice", in strict accordance with the requirements of "strong technology, efficiency and service", seek truth from facts, objectively analyze all favorable factors, inform the construction unit of all potential adverse factors, and provide professional technical advisory services for investors and construction units。After the completion of the project review, the company shall, on the basis of summarizing professional opinions and suggestions in various fields, issue written review opinions to the construction unit and the design unit in a timely manner in strict accordance with the review requirements。


 ​ Since the establishment of the company, according to the industry, the establishment of engineering consulting service expert information archive, the requirements of the library experts must have a high academic and professional technical level, and decent style, strong sense of responsibility, fairness and justice, with good professional ethics。We always adhere to the principle of "expert review", according to the category and nature of the project, adopt the management method of employing experts, select experts familiar with this type of project from the expert database for review, and dismiss experts with poor technical level, poor professional ethics and violation of review discipline。


Introduction to Xizang Jianke Engineering Construction Supervision Co., LTD


 ​ Sichuan Jianke Engineering Construction Supervision Co., LTD., established in 2002, was acquired by Xizang Development and Investment Group in 2016 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary with independent legal personality。The company has always adhered to the concept of serving employers wholeheartedly, quality and quality first, rigorous and pragmatic work style, widely praised by the industry, the company's business has spread across Tibetan areas and many provinces and cities in the mainland。In September 2018, "Sichuan Jianke Engineering Construction Supervision Co., LTD." was officially renamed as "Tibet Jianke Engineering Construction Supervision Co., LTD." and became one of the earliest enterprises in Tibet Autonomous Region with Grade A qualification for hydraulic engineering supervision。Business scope: Water conservancy and hydropower engineering, soil and water conservation engineering, comprehensive immigration, equipment supervision, independent evaluation, mechanical and electrical installation engineering, design supervision, communication engineering supervision, etc。


Sichuan Xingtian Construction Project Management Co., LTD


 ​ The cost consulting company has a grade A engineering cost consulting (its business includes: 1, bidding stop price, bid price, budget preparation;2. Preparation of budget estimates;3. Contract clean-up;4, the whole process cost control, change claims, progress payment settlement;5. Preparation and review of project settlement;6. Project summary calculation preparation and review;7. Project post-evaluation;8. On-grid electricity price calculation;9, economic evaluation, etc.);Grade A supervision of housing construction projects and municipal public works;Highway engineering, petrochemical engineering, power engineering supervision grade B;Civil air defense engineering supervision Grade C qualification,The registered capital is 11 million yuan。Business scope: Engineering cost consulting, engineering project management, engineering supervision, engineering bidding agency, engineering survey and design, construction engineering, municipal public works, highway engineering, steel structure engineering, property management, quality inspection technical services, commodity wholesale and retail, surveying and mapping services, real estate development and operation, real estate intermediary services, enterprise management services, etc。


Xizang Zhengda Bidding Co., LTD


 ​ Xizang Zhengda Tendering and Bidding Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a limited liability company controlled by Xizang Development and Investment Group, a state-owned enterprise。The company is mainly engaged in bidding and procurement agency services, and is one of the earliest professional bidding agencies established in Tibet。The company has the corresponding personnel and technical strength of construction project bidding, central investment project bidding and government procurement bidding。In 2013, it was rated as AAA credit enterprise by China Bidding and Tendering Association, and in 2016 it was rated as AA credit enterprise by China Bidding and Tendering Association。
The company has 6 subordinate departments, including bidding Agency 1, Bidding Agency 2, Cost Consulting Department, Comprehensive Management Department, and Personnel and Finance Department, and 3 branches in Qamdo City, Xigaze City, Sichuan Province, and 3 offices in Shannan City, Naqu City, Nyingchi City。There are more than 30 employees, including more than 20 people with senior technical titles, and senior technical titles account for more than 71% of the total number of employees。


 ​ Since the establishment of the company,Always adhering to the "integrity-based, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" service purpose,After more than 10 years of development and accumulation,The company has formed a management system with institutionalized management, standardized procedures and specialized services,Cultivate and exercise a comprehensive quality of good, strong business ability, high quality of service staff。With the enterprise spirit of "integrity, innovation, efficiency and dedication", the company strives to survive and develop steadily in the fierce market competition。Over the past ten years, the company's bidding agency business has involved various industries such as housing and municipal administration, water conservancy and hydropower, highway and bridge, agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry, and network information, and its business has also covered all localities and cities in Tibet。The number of business has increased year by year, and the service level and quality have won the praise of customers and all walks of life。


 ​ Want to be the most trusted service provider for customers is our goal, to provide high quality, high level, efficient first-class service is our responsibility。Facing the future, all employees of Xizang Zhengda Tendering Co., Ltd. are full of confidence and are determined to work hard to build an honest, pragmatic, innovative and efficient enterprise。